Texas Gold Round (Video Transcript)

Welcome back once again to the “Know Your Investment” Series!  Here, we continue to dive into the specific characteristics of each bullion coin, bar, and round that TRADEway offers, and how you can use that information to determine what’s best for you!  Today, we’re going to be discussing our first private round in this series, and a TRADEway favorite at that!

The Texas Gold Round, while brand new to the industry as of the beginning of 2018, is already becoming a staple gold investment around the world.  With the growing popularity of its silver counterpart, the Texas Silver Round, since 2013, the Texas Gold Round joined in with a pleasing welcome among investors. With this solid private option, that allows for a more affordable premium cost per ounce, provides us with a reputable and highly pure option from the Texas Mint. 

If purchased in a set of 10, the Texas Gold Rounds are packaged in a glossy orange chipboard box with velour flocked interior slots and vacuum-sealed with a holographic tamper-proof seal. Each gold round in the case is enclosed in an individual capsule holder to preserve its pristine condition. The motif of the round is repeated on the lid of the rectangular box, with the image of the Capitol displayed on the center and the geographic outline of Texas appearing in white on each end. 

The exquisite Texas Gold Round pays homage to the iconic symbols of Texas and one of the most revered landmarks in the Lone Star State — the Texas State Capitol. The towering Capitol building proudly dominates the reverse of the Texas Gold Round, rising up on the face of the round echoing the impressiveness of the building’s architecture. The Capitol's south front is prominently displayed in the foreground of the round, with the American and Texan flags waving above the entrance to the building. The Capitol dome extends into the background above the facade with the original sixteen-foot-tall Goddess of Liberty statue, installed in 1888, visible at the peak of the structure. The Texas Gold Round’s specifications – “.9999 Gold • One Troy Oz” – are engraved in an arch over the Capitol. The weight and purity of the round are guaranteed by the Texas Mint.

The trademarked silhouette of Texas mint mark, the official mint mark for the Texas Bullion Series, is visible to the right of the Capitol building.

The obverse of the high-quality mint strike Texas Gold Round features the iconic lone star in the foreground. The smooth engraving of the star is framed by a textured topographical outline of the state of Texas. “TEXAS” arches proudly over the top of the round’s obverse in large capital letters, with “Precious Metals” presented inversely along the opposite side. The round’s mintage year is engraved in the bottom left of the round, just southwest of what would be the Rio Grande bordering Texas and Mexico.

Now, let’s talk about the Texas Gold Round and its potential as a globally recognized bullion asset.  When it comes to a coin or round’s viability as an alternative trade source, you want a few things involved.  These would include liquidity, popularity (or recognizability), and of course being in high demand would be the result of the first two factors.  

Usually, having all of these factors on the table, so to speak, would also result in having to pay a higher premium for the coins or rounds that you’re buying. For example, American Eagles, South African Krugerands, Canadian Maples, all come with a slightly higher premium than most other coins and rounds out there, because they’re constantly in high demand relative to other products, because of the factors listed above (and a few other reasons that we’ve highlighted in past videos).  

However, we do not have to worry about that with the Texas Gold Round!   You see, being a privately minted round, it is produced for the purpose of getting as much market share as possible (i.e. the Texas Mint keeps the pricing very competitive), while simulteoneously meeting the highest standards throughout the whole industry!  From purity, to design, to coming from the one of the most reputable sources in the precious metals industry—the Texas Mint—this round is poised to become one of the most sought after privately minted options in the world.  

Could the premiums go up over time, as the popularity increases even more?  It absolutely could.  Which is another great reason to consider the Texas Gold Round as an optimal option when choosing your investments, especially if affordability is of concern to you.  

This round is something that could potentially benefit anyone who is interested in buying bullion, because of the many unique things that it has to offer.  From a reputable source, high purity, growing demand throughout the industry, AND being privately minted, this round offers trust, liquidity, popularity and affordability all at the same time.  This is why this Texas Gold Round is a TRADEway favorite and something that we would recommend to any of our student investors!  

Thank you for joining me in this video, and I look forward to having you with me for the reminder of this series!