90% Junk Silver Bags - Dimes/Quarters ($100 Face, 71.5 ozs Silver)



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Year: N/A
Condition: Aftermarket
Weight (Au, Ag, Pt): Varies Based on Selection
Minted by: U.S. Mint
Mintage: N/A
Face Value: Dimes/Quarters
IRA: Ineligible
Packaging: Canvas Bag
Coins Per Tube: N/A

The term “junk silver coins” can be very misleading to anyone not familiar with the bullion industry. After all, how could a bag of “junk” cost thousands of dollars? Needless to say, junk silver is anything but junk. Junk silver coins are technically pre-1965 dimes, quarters, and half dollars issued by the US Mint. Prior to 1965, the change in our pockets was made largely with silver! After 1965, the mint began producing coins using cheaper metallic components. Junk silver is the least expensive way to buy silver in smaller, tradable denominations.