Australian Gold Kangaroo Coin

Welcome back once again to the “Know Your Investment” Series!  As you know, the main purpose of this series is to dive deeper into each individual bullion coin, bar, and round that TRADEway offers, their unique characteristics, and the different benefits that each of them have to offer as well!  Today, we’re going to be discussing possibly my favorite gold bullion coin!

The 1 oz. Gold Kangaroo Coin from the Perth Mint of Australia has a stunning design that highlights its 99.99% pure gold content, which is among the purist in the world!

The series began in 1986, and has been in production every year since, marking it’s 32nd anniversary this year!  It has remained one of the Perth Mint’s most popular coin series throughout the years, and with its high gold content and legal tender status, the 1 oz. Gold Kangaroo Coin is an excellent way for anyone to protect their investment portfolio.

As I mentioned, the history of the Gold Kangaroo originates in 1986 when it was first introduced by the Gold Corporation (now known as the Perth Mint), and it was introduced as the Australian Gold Nugget.  This was due to its depiction of an Aussie lump of gold on the back of the coin, or its reverse face.  

In 1989, the reverse image was replaced by a more iconic Australian image, none other than the red kangaroo!  The image was also inspired by the Australian coinage that was already in circulation, such as the 1 Dollar piece.

Every year since 1999, the coin design has been updated, promoting collectability because of each year’s unique characteristics.  Here, you can see the different artwork from 2010 all the way through 2018, and how each time it adds something unique to create demand from both investors AND collectors, since each year’s design comes with a limited mintage.  What does mintage mean exactly?  Well, mintage refers to the number of coins that a government or private mint makes each year!  The mintage plays a big role in how collectible a coin may be.

So, with a limited mintage, AND new artwork each year, the Gold Kangaroo is easily one of the most popular and intriguing bullion investment out there!  Now, you may also be wondering why these coins all look slightly different from each other.  Don’t worry about that at all, that’s just a matter of how each of them were individually photographed! So you don’t have to worry about one having more gold than the other or anything like that!  Each year is produced with the same metallic content, purity, and size!

Now, let’s talk about the Perth Mint for a minute, because the Mint itself is one of the reasons why Gold Kangaroo coins can be such a great option.  

The Perth Mint was established in 1899 in response to one of the greatest gold rushes in the world, which began in Western Australia in 1893.  Its fundamental role was to refine gold from the newly discovered goldfields and turn it into bars and coins for use in Australia and throughout the British Empire. 

Along with its rich history, the Perth Mint is now a global leader in precious metals, creating demand for Australian gold in markets throughout the world.  Investors and collectors alike trust The Perth Mint to produce the highest purity gold and silver bullion and in fact, to create some of the finest coins and bars EVER minted in history! 

What’s great about the Perth Mint is that it’s run as a vertically integrated precious metals business.  Now, what does that mean?  Well, in short it means that they’re very competitive, and they want as much of the precious metals market share as they can get!  The Mint applies the highest standards of quality control throughout the value chain: from refining newly mined ore, to manufacturing absolutely gorgeous coins and bars, to even storing and trading metal on behalf of its investors!

Many of the government, or sovereign mints run more bureaucratically, like most government institutions do!  However, the Perth Mint operates its mint like a business leveraging efficiencies in the supply chain (remember that term “vertically integrated”?), and this is to offer the lowest premiums to dealers and investors, and again, their desire is increase their market share, which makes a lot sense!  It may not seem important to know these things about a particular mint, but it IS important because it all comes back to price, which directly affects you, the individual investor! 

To sum up, the Perth Mint produces and distributes the Australian Gold Kangaroo, possibly the most unique gold bullion coin in the history of modern precious metals investing, which is manufactured exclusively by the Perth Mint as the Australian Government’s official gold, silver and platinum bullion coin program.  Each coin is issued as legal tender, guaranteeing its weight and purity.  TRADEway is proud to offer this option to our students, in the form of the current year’s design and mintage!

Thank you so much for joining me in this video, I look forward to having you with me for the remainder of the series!