Handling Your Coins & Rounds

If you're interested in keeping your bullion, or collectible investments, as pristine as possible, it is important to keep a few things in mind.  Usually it’s best to keep your investments within the cases or tubes that they are packaged in when you receive them, but if you are ever in the mood to get a much closer look at the artwork and luster that your coins and rounds have, then here are some useful tips for carefully doing so!

Things to Avoid:

  • Touching the Front & Back of the Coin/Round

  • Cleaning Your Coins

  • Using Plastic or Latex Gloves

  • Breathing Over the Coins

If you own some silver coins, especially if they're of high purity and brand new out of the tube, the natural oils on your hands can literally be etched into the face of the coin!  But even if this were to ever happen, or if your silver coins experience natural tarnish over a long period of time, it's best to just leave them as is and not attempt to clean them using harsh soaps.  Improper cleaning will just cause further damage!  

Ways to Protect:

  • Hold Coins by the Edge

  • Use Cotton Gloves

  • Store in Air-Tight Cases

  • Stack in Tight Piles or Keep Separate

You never want to leave your bullion investments loosely stored in boxes or safes, because damage can be caused if they get tossed around in any way.  

It can be a lot of fun observing your coins up close, but if not done properly, you will be disappointed in the results!  These are just a few basic steps that you can implement to keep your hard-earned investments looking as amazing as they were when you got them!